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Meet the world of the D:CC

Cosmic Cat God The Grrreat
Holy Doctrine

The Universe was created by the Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat.

Where the claws have dragged has become rivers, the litter that covers the holy shi… holy excrement, mountains. The Earth is the Grrreatness’s right eye. The eternal burning orb, the sun, is just a mere playing yarn of the Grrreat.

To spread its perfection across the galaxy, the Grrreatness has decentralized itself and shed its fur throughout
the universe; this is the cat.

And thus, the cat has been, is, and will be, everywhere.

Only those who have reached the state of Nirva-nya may be chosen to enter the realm of the third eye - the everlasting Nyangri-la. The Grrreatness’s third eye is the paradise eternal; the land of the chosen few will live in unconditional love and bliss in a lush catnip forest under the blessings of the Grrreatness.


We Pionyans believe in The Cosmic Cat God
the Grrreat and ferociously evangelize mankind

Nya-ine Doo-ties

  1. Spread the sacred word of the Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat
  2. Evangelize as many mankind as possible
  3. Develop a blockchain game to cat-fy the Norse mythology
  4. Cat-fy every single human mythology, legends, fairytales, and folklore
  5. Migrate as many mankind as possible to the planet 3rd eye, Nyangri-la
  6. Introduce humans to a new religion serving the Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat
  7. Initiate the “super secret mankind domestication protocol”
  8. Clean the litter box erryday
  9. Play with humans at least 10 mins everyday

The Oracles

We, the holy messengers of the Cosmic Cat God The Grrrreat
  • Planetarium Founder
  • Planetarium Art Director
  • NFT Creative Director
  • NEXON, LINE Games, Art Director
  • Planetarium Founder
  • LINE, Blockchain Tech Lead
  • Forbes 30 under 30 2017
  • Planetarium Founder
  • Dropbox software engineer, PM
  • Computer Science at California Institute of Technology
  • Planetarium, CPO
  • Riot Games, Senior PO
  • Samsung Electronics, PO
  • Planetarium Founder
  • Spoqa, CTO
  • Spoqa, Software Engineer
  • Planetarium Founder
  • Nine Chronicles, Game Director
  • Spoqa, Product Owner
  • Digital Contents and Information, Seoul National Univ.


The enlightened way forward
Initiate the protocol!
Gather members, and patrons!
“the great mankind exodus”
to Nyangri-la
Multiverse invasion!
Apply PFP skins to Nine Chronicles!
Open PFP holder
exclusive mileage store
Launch another game with a new cat hero Establish DAO for holders for game dev


Partners & Investors
partners with animaca brandspartners with ubisoftpartners with hashedpartners with sandboxpartners with binancepartners with xlgamespartners with sfermionpartners with ideocolab

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